Monday, November 6, 2017


Yesterday our church held its first potluck dinner. Everyone pitched in to make the church beautiful and the food was abundant. Just as it should be. A great time was had by all.

We left, our hearts full from the lovely fellowship, already planning our next event.

And then we checks our phones, and in an instant our happiness was replaced by a deep, profound grief.

More than 20 people were murdered in a mass church shooting in Texas at around 11:30am.

A shocked silence filled the car as my husband and I read article after article trying to figure out what had happened.


We talked and prayed about it for a long time. Those people had gathered to worship their Creator and ended up going through a terrible, terrifying ordeal. I honestly cannot imagine how they felt. Such a senseless act. Such cowardice.

Late last night as we were getting ready to go to sleep, it really began to sink in. How many churches were in the middle of worship service, just like them? It really hits close to home.

The Pastor lost his fourteen year old daughter in the massacre. Even closer to home.

Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends...they all lost something precious.

These are not just a part of humanity that is suffering. It needs to be closer. These are our brothers and sisters. Their pain is our pain.

I read comments from people saying that while it is tragic, they are not surprised. That it has become common and they are pretty much immune or numb to it. We can’t do that!!!

It is frustrating wondering what to do to help. Praying just doesn’t feel like enough, even though I know it is the best, most powerful thing we can do. But we cannot let this despair pull us down. We must stand together, put aside any petty differences and the childish drama. We are not children playing; this is a war, and we must stand strong.

I am not sure that this post really has a goal, per se. I think I just needed to get my thoughts out...that’s just how I work.

Actually, it does have a goal. It is to urge you, desperately, to pray for the people in Texas. Pray for their healing. Pray for their grief. Pray for their strength.

Pray for our poor broken world.

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